Living in the Southwest for almost 38 years, I have had the opportunity to experience the wonderful landscapes, skies, and wildlife around me. With a camera nearby at all times, I am ready to photograph the beauty and wildlife when I am home or traveling.  

Growing up I had very limited access to cameras and it was a luxury to be able to use a camera for a special occasion or have someone with a camera take photographs.  Looking back at school yearbooks, I realized that these were sometimes the only places with photographs - lots of memories - but no photos.  In 1968 we inherited an Argus C3 35 mm camera that required manual advancements after each shot (very prone to double exposures!). After that, I used a variety of 'new' cameras including disposable cameras mailed in to have photos developed, polaroids, instamatic models, Apple QuickTake, and cassette film holders (drop in & shoot).  As cameras got smaller, so did the film, and photo quality was compromised.  Now we have lots of prints and slides that are becoming harder and harder to save. Today I use a Canon Rebel digital camera ... and my iPhone camera.

I love to take photos & have become the resident photographer - at family events, trips, and anywhere the opportunity is available for me to document events or the beauty in my own backyard.